More Murder In Mexico

Mar 16, 2015 - 1 Comment

More kidnapping and murder in Mexico means an official travel ban to the exceptionally troubled southern neighbor has got to be long overdue now. 

This past weekend in a Monterrey bar with a history of violence, a young musician was abducted by a group of armed men while performing onstage with his band for a crowd of more than 400.

The gang of goons then shoved the frightened youth into a waiting taxi and sped off with him.

About an hour later the body of Rogelio "El Chiken" Contreras Rivera was discovered dumped not far from dance club “La Eternidad” where he’d just been playing.

There were signs of torture on the battered corpse, and a bullet hole in the head.

As shocking as that bold crime might sound to civilized people, it’s just part of an endless pattern of mayhem perpetrated by a rogue element in Mexico which has been terrorizing law abiding citizens there for at least a decade.

Few if any arrests have ever been made either, because of the much-too-cozy connection such criminals share with Mexico’s infamously corrupt elected officials and police departments.

On that same note, the popular bar that 20-year-old Contreras Rivera was attacked in this weekend has been the scene of other similarly heinous acts where those responsible *mysteriously* escaped prosecution.

In January 2012, for instance, eight young men and three of their female companions were forcibly escorted out of the establishment at gunpoint by a gang of homicidal thugs with known ties to organized crime.

All the kidnapped youngsters were later found murdered and their bodies left at various public places in and around the city of Monterrey.

In far too many cases like that one, and due entirely to the Mexican authorities’ unwillingness to launch full and proper investigations, the motives will forever remain unclear and the senseless deaths unsolved.

Indeed, there is only one certainty now about the country’s seemingly unstoppable violent crime wave: From major cities to the rural countryside, murder in Mexico has become a way of life.



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