Murder Charges for Mom Who Threw Her Newborn to Its Death in NYC

Sep 30, 2015

The 33-year-old woman who threw her newborn to its death in NYC this week was arrested and charged with infanticide yesterday. 

Jennifer Berry remains in police custody now after an autopsy determined her unwanted infant daughter had been born alive before being tossed out a seventh-floor window and dying instantly on impact with the ground.

Investigators further discovered that Berry had hid her pregnancy from the slain newborn’s father, and that he was present in the apartment at the hour she both birthed and killed their child.

He has not been charged for any crime, though.

Experienced first responders were stricken Monday afternoon by the sight of a broken and bloody baby girl -- who still had her umbilical cord attached -- lying dead in a Bronx courtyard.

The murdered newborn’s mother initially denied she had given birth that day, then lied to detectives that her baby had been stillborn.

She was taken to an area hospital for examination and later booked on both murder and manslaughter charges.



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