Police Protection for Jodi Arias Holdout Juror

Mar 7, 2015 - 0 Comments

The sole Jodi Arias juror responsible for a hung sentencing-jury this week, and thereby freeing Travis Alexander’s killer from a death sentence, is being threatened with death herself now.  

Thus, police have been assigned to protect the woman from thousands seeking vengeance for what they perceive was her refusal to perform a long overdue civic duty.

Citing numerous conflicts of interest, that second seated-jury had tried to have this particular holdout member removed well before announcing days ago that they’d failed to reach a unanimous decision in the sentencing phase of Arias’ murder trial.

Today, officials say they are reinvestigating those issues and also looking into whether the pariah juror in question had properly informed the court that the prosecutor in People versus Arias had also tried her own husband in a prior unrelated criminal matter.

Jurists' names are always withheld from the public, especially in highly publicized and controversial cases like that of Jodi Arias, but a Travis Alexander sympathizer somehow found out who the allegedly recalcitrant juror was and deliberately endangered her by leaking it via Twitter.


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