No End To Ferguson Mayhem

Mar 12, 2015 - 0 Comments

The Ferguson mayhem its citizens have now become accustomed to instigating and enduring will likely continue on indefinitely, if the latest public shooting is any indication. 

Last night, a pair of patrolmen attempting to crowd-control angry protestors gathered outside Ferguson's police station were shot by an unidentified gunman.

A witness to the scene said she saw “one officer go down and the other police officers drew their guns while other officers dragged the injured officer away."

Then a second cop was hit and all bedlam erupted. “Everybody started running or dropping to the ground,” she said.

Both lawmen survived their wounds and were taken to hospital where they remain in serious condition.

Observers say the bullets that struck the two came from a rifleman perched at a hidden location slightly above and behind the crowd being policed.

It’s not known what the shooter’s motive may have been, but the attack comes on the heels of the Chief of Police’s sudden resignation earlier that same day.

Relations between Ferguson’s city officials and its mostly-poor black citizenry have been strained for years, if not decades, but they have worsened since the Justice Department issued its scathing 2015 report on the city’s historical mistreatment of African Americans.

That review was initiated in regards to the controversial shooting death last year of unarmed black man Michael Brown by white cop Darren Wilson.

While the federal government did not find Officer Wilson’s actions to have been unwarranted and thereby actionable, it did expose a pronounced pattern of civil rights abuses directed toward Ferguson’s constituents of color. Especially by the police department.

The issue of police corruption, including excessive force and racial profiling, is not just something that plagues Missouri’s mired city of Ferguson, however. Ever since the events of 911 -- and in the name of 911 -- such incidents have been sharply on the rise throughout the nation.


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