Arrested Teen Kidnapper Lured a Kid Before

Mar 13, 2015 - 0 Comments

No Surprise: A teen kidnapper in custody now for the recent attempted abduction of a baby boy in Sprague Washington had tried to snatch a child at least once before.  

Last year, the 15-year-old potential pedophile was endeavoring to “lure” a boy only a few years younger, when the child’s mother suddenly noticed the weird event and intervened.

She told cops the teenager had taken her son by the hand and was leading him away from home for what she felt pretty certain were nefarious reasons, and the sheriff apparently agreed and charged him with “luring.”

But the prosecutor in their small town dismissed that complaint and released the youthful offender without trying him because, he says, the suspect’s actions didn’t rise to the level of criminal intent and he had no prior offenses.

Today, despite the high profile kidnapping the teenager subsequently went on to commit, that same county attorney continues to believe it was right not to pursue the matter.

"It did not meet the elements of luring," Prosecutor Jeff Barkdull defensively states. "We re-reviewed it and I stand by the decision.

As with the recent abduction by the teen kidnapper, the earlier near-miss had also occurred in Sprague where he himself is a resident.

The youth had donned a disguise during his latest attempt, but, even so, some witnesses still recognized the perpetrator as one of their own neighbors, including classmates and the abducted toddler’s siblings who had all given him chase.

"He was wearing glasses and a fake mustache," they said, further describing the now-jailed 15-year-old as a notoriously odd and antisocial misfit.

Due to the fact that this wannabe child child-molester is a minor, his name has not been released.



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