Will Aaron Hernandez Get Away With Murder (again)?

Apr 1, 2015 - 0 Comments

Aaron Hernandez has probably already gotten away with murder a number of times throughout his short life, but this may be the first he does so with everybody looking. 

All eyes are now on the former Patriots tight-end as he smugly sits in court, unconcerned about the nonstop criminal revelations being made about him during his trial for the mob-style shooting death of Odin Lloyd.

1. Hernandez is a pothead: Okay, so that’s fairly minor compared to a life of crime, gang membership, and, of course, premeditated murder. But don’t forget the habitual stoner was a professional athlete once.

2. He hid the murder weapon in a big carton of dope then asked his girlfriend to get rid of it for him: Yes, that’s very likely the truth, making it more than clear that the two felonious lovebirds deserve to be in a small cage together. For the rest of eternity, and then some.

3. Hernandez is a hothead, particularly when he’s partied too much, which he often did: Where does the National Football League find these young thugs -- under rocks, or in a box of them?

4. He killed his own best friend and fellow footballer: Not the greatest pal to have, obviously, and certainly no one to be partying with.

5. The entire Odin Lloyd murder scheme was filmed via Hernandez’s newly installed home security system which he subsequently tampered with somehow: Again, not the sharpest perp on the block, really, but “so what?”

In a mega-billion-dollar sport best known for homicidal hits on opposing players, the killer instinct of Aaron Hernandez was undeniably prized by the league. And, anyway, he’s hardly the only nefarious NFL star with a reputation for extreme acts of violence on and off the field.

Remember, OJ Simpson’s DNA was also found at the scene of the crime he's believed to have committed, and "if [he] did it" then he definitely got away with murder.


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