How Did 243 Medicare Crooks Bilk Nearly a Billion Dollars?

Jun 19, 2015

Across the U.S., 243 Medicare crooks accused of bilking the government of over $700-million worth of phony fees were arrested this week, in the largest bust of its kind to date. 

Via the federal “Medicare Fraud Strike Force,” doctors, nurses, and other licensed professionals were among those doing the perp walk for a host of criminally fraudulent billing schemes that included charging for services and procedures that were never even performed.

According to the Department of Justice which was instrumental in the nationwide sweep, Florida turned out to be ground zero for Medicare monkey-business, with 73 defendants charged for a whopping $263-million of all the illegally obtained payments.

But similar arrests were made in other offending states as well, such as Texas, Louisiana, New York, Michigan and California.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch revealed yesterday that the 243 Medicare crooks her office just nabbed were guilty of abusing their trusted positions to collect from brash reimbursement scams which ranged from identity theft to money laundering.

Even the government’s subsidized prescription drug program had been looted, apparently, and the investigation isn’t quite over yet:

"In the days ahead, the Department of Justice will continue our focus on preventing wrongdoing and prosecuting those whose criminal activity drives up medical costs and jeopardizes a system that our citizens trust with their lives," Lynch vowed.

The amount that just a few hundred ultra-greedy physicians and their cohorts managed to pilfer this year is just astounding -- averaging nearly $3-million each -- but that’s just a drop in the bucket, claim federal authorities.

They report that, since 2007 when the nationwide “Strike Force” was first implemented to crack down on healthcare fraudsters, almost 2100 medically-licensed professionals have been snagged in the dragnets, accounting for an estimated $7-billion of stolen Medicaid and Medicare funds!

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