Police Seek Help in Mysterious Murder of Florida Doctor

Jul 3, 2015

Police probing the mysterious murder of a much loved Florida doctor are asking the public for help in solving the crime and apprehending the perpetrator. 

Dr. Teresa Sievers, 46 of Bonita Springs, was found dead at her home this week in what detectives are saying only was a homicide committed sometime over the weekend.

The slain physician was a popular holistic healer and founder of the Restorative Health and Healing Center in Estero Florida.

When she failed to show up there for work on Monday, Sievers colleagues reported her missing.

The mother-of-two had just returned alone from a family vacation and, as planned, phoned her husband to inform him she’d arrived at their Bonita Springs residence safely and without incident.

It’s not clear what went wrong after that, or if she may have been the victim of a home invasion, but officials are warning those living in the community to be extra vigilant now and to remember to “lock” their doors.

They also state that all leads in the mysterious murder of Florida doctor Teresa Sievers are being pursued and urge anyone with information about the case to contact the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (239) 477-1000.


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