Suspect in DC Quadruple Murder is Assistant to Slain Exec.

Jun 5, 2015

A new suspect in the DC quadruple murder of millionaire Savvas Savopoulis, his wife, 10-year-old son and maid last month is the dead businessman’s own assistant. 

Based on new evidence taken from the charred crime scene, Maryland authorities are working on a theory that the deadly home invasion of the Savopoulis mansion -- which netted the perpetrators only $40,000 -- was in part an inside job, gone very wrong.

The murdered DC exec’s number-one assistant is in fact the individual who delivered the 40-grand in cash to the armed intruder or intruders, after which, investigators say, the bound and tortured family and their housekeeper were brutally slain.

So far only Daron Wint, a former employee of the ironworks company that Savvas Savopoulis owned and operated, has been charged, after a massive manhunt for the 34-year-old ex convict took officials across state lines and back again.

But from the start police didn’t believe Wint acted alone, and now their attention is also focused on the murdered exec’s male assistant whose alleged activities during the overnight siege, including the ransom delivery, are somewhat questionable.

They also report that the unidentified suspect has more than once changed his account of his own role in the events which ended in the heinous DC quadruple murder and conflagration.


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