Brave Sex Worker Killed Suspected Serial Killer Neal Falls With His Own Gun (photos)

Jul 28, 2015

A very brave sex worker killed suspected serial killer Neal Falls with his own gun, after he attempted to kill her first. 

The unnamed prostitute, who was badly injured in the life-or-death struggle, has not been charged in Falls’ murder because it was clearly done in self defense, said West Virginia authorities.

The young woman suffered broken vertebrae, a dislocated shoulder, and near strangulation in the vicious attack, among other more minor injuries.

Police who arrived at the scene on July 18th, discovered a classic serial killer’s cache in Neal Falls’ car parked outside, which included restraints, axes, knives, bulletproof vests, a sledgehammer, a shovel, and bleach.

sex worker killed suspected serial killer Neal Falls - CRIME MAGAZINE report

“The fact that he was 45-years-old and carrying tools like he was and committing a crime that was so organized and so violent, it’s unlikely that this was his first,” said Charleston’s chief of detectives, Lieutenant Steven Cooper.

Cooper informed reporters with the Associated Press that a quick search of the suspected serial killer’s criminal record alarmingly revealed that Falls had brushes with law enforcement in 21 U.S. states, although no major arrests.

A hit-list of nine other female sex workers in West Virginia, plus one in San Diego, was also found on the slain killer’s person; but all those potential victims were located still alive.

According to motor-vehicle records, Neal Falls himself was from Oregon. Although it was apparent to investigators that he lived in his death-mobile and traveled extensively, using cash as opposed to credit cards or checks so his movements couldn’t be tracked.

Not since nomadic serial slayer Israel Keyes was apprehended in 2012 have police come across such a highly organized and mobile predator, and Falls’ death not only puts an end to his own bloodshed, but presents an opportunity to solve dozens of cold cases.

“We are sharing this information with law enforcement across the country,” Lt. Cooper said, “in hopes that we may be able to help solve cold cases or bring closure to some families if Mr. Falls has been involved in anything like this before.”

High on the list of those unsolved crimes is the case of 21-year-old New Yorker, Lindsey Harris, one of four hookers who vanished without a trace in 2005 from the Las Vegas Strip, a district that Falls reportedly frequented and even rented rooms in for a time.

Harris’s legs were found three years later in Springfield Illinois -- also a city the slain man was known to have visited -- and body parts of the other Nevada prostitutes were found strewn along state highways.

As well, officials in nearby Chillicothe Ohio, which has suffered a handful of similarly suspicious disappearances and deaths of women in recent years, have also been contacted, now that Falls has been identified as a likely suspect.

Chillicothe is not even a two-hour drive from where an extremely courageous and quick-witted sex worker killed suspected serial killer Neal Falls this month, putting an end to his anonymous reign of terror, and giving pause to others like him, still at large.

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