Florida Gator Who Gobbled Swimmer’s Arm CAPTURED

Aug 9, 2015

A Florida gator who gobbled a swimmer’s arm and nearly drowned her in yesterday’s surprise assault has been captured this morning. 

Trappers hunted and killed the suspect reptile, who was later positively identified as the attacker by its stomach contents -- the injured swimmer’s arm was found inside it.

The potentially fatal incident occurred at a crowded swimming hole in the Wekiva River where officials estimate thousands of people flock each year for water recreation.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman told reporters that the victim, 37-year-old Rachel Lilienthal of Orange County, was swimming in a populated area when the gator seized her by the arm and snapped it off.

A pair of boaters heard her screams and swiftly came to the rescue. Otherwise, per alligator feeding protocol, the woman would have been pulled beneath the surface, drowned there, and then eaten.

Witnesses said the maimed swimmer was covered in blood and obviously in shock when she was taken from the water and transported to a nearby hospital.

The Florida gator that attacked her was probably easier than usual to locate though, since it was last observed in possession of the woman’s blue bathing-suit.


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