Cases Developing and Trending This Week on Crime Magazine (8/11/15)

Aug 11, 2015

Custody, kayaks, criminals and, of course, killings are trending this week on Crime Magazine. Here are the top cases and case developments we’re closely following: 

1. A #custody battle in Vermont turned into the state’s first known mass murder, as a mother whose child was taken by social services gunned down the culprit caseworker in cold blood plus three of her meddling family members. Jody Herring, 40, remained “calm and laughing” when arrested at the crime scene. Read more about that ongoing investigation here.

2. Another custody battle in Michigan is proving somewhat less deadly but turning into a real vortex, after a biased family court judge, who jailed three young kids until their 18th birthdays for refusing to have lunch with an “abusive” dad, now drags #Twitter into the down-and-dirty domestic dispute. Read our exclusive coverage here.

3. Lions, gators and bears -- oh my -- are also making international headlines, either as cunning killers or hapless victims. From the #hunter to the hunted, see who won or lost in this week’s man-versus-nature crime category.

4. And, speaking of natural born killers, New York’s homicidal Hudson River has claimed the life of yet another high-profile but star-crossed #kayaker who forgot to wear his lifejacket. Except this time the sole survivor girlfriend hasn’t been charged with premeditated murder. Learn all about the case/s here.

5. Not all killers just lock, load and obliterate, however -- Connecticut’s still trying to locate all the body parts of a vagrant who evidently became such a nuisance to someone that the unknown suspect not only slew the man, but scattered his body parts all over #NewHaven. Police there are still looking for his head and hands…

6. Sometimes Crime Magazine gets lined up in the crosshairs too … Britain’s news rag the Daily Mail said our article about Australia’s dead Baby Doe rotting in a suitcase since 2007 being Madeleine #McCann had “sparked” too much “unfounded speculation.” Regardless, the *controversial* piece did prompt UK authorities to contact Aussie police about the still-unidentified blonde-haired toddler victim -- read and discuss the latest developments of this child’s still #unsolved disappearance here.

7. Finally, comes an emerging case that proves some victims just won’t die no matter what, and, worse, can even turn the tables on a sloppy serial slayer, if he isn’t careful. That’s precisely what happened to Neal Falls, whose killer cache in the trunk of his car has led West Virginia officials to believe the slain #serial murderer has been butchering prostitutes for a very long time. More about Falls, and what he’s suspected of perpetrating, here.

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