Saudi Woman Catches Husband Molesting Maid On Video (could now be jailed for defamation)

Oct 11, 2015

A Saudi woman catches her husband molesting their maid on video, posts the incriminating footage online, and, as a result, could now face criminal charges for “defaming” him. 

According to Saudi legal experts, the sexual assault the wife filmed her cheating spouse attempting to commit is nothing compared to her alleged offense.

In fact, under Saudi Arabian law, his harassment of their housekeeper would simply constitute “flirting.”

On the other hand, the grave criminal act the Saudi woman employed by secretly recording her husband’s infidelity and uploading that video onto the Web could land her in prison for at least a year.

She’d also be required to pay a hefty fine for *character* assassination.

The widespread abuse and disenfranchisement of women, including domestics, is a much-cherished tradition in the Saudi kingdom, where females aren’t even allowed to drive or travel alone for fear they’ll run away.

Just last month, for instance, a royal member of the House of Saud was arrested in Beverly Hills for brutally raping a young woman at his rented mansion and imprisoning her so she couldn’t go to the police.

When officers arrived with a warrant for Saudi prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, he tried to claim “diplomatic immunity” for his sex offense.



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