Handyman Arrested in Deadly Home Invasion of Baton Rouge Couple Had Fled to FLA

Oct 22, 2015

Police from both Louisiana and Florida arrested a handyman yesterday they said kidnapped, robbed and strangled a popular Baton Rouge couple in a brutal home invasion last weekend. 

Duplantier Murder: Handyman Arrested in Deadly Home Invasion of Baton Rouge Couple Had Fled to FLA

Ernesto Alonso, 42, was apprehended in Miami where he had fled to in the “white truck” captured on video cams back at the crime scene in Hammond, LA.

He remains in custody today, but a second unidentified suspect is still being sought as an accomplice to the double slaying.

The bodies of 71-year-old Denis Duplantier and his 70-year-old wife Suzanne Duplantier were found in their vehicle at a truckstop several miles from their burgled home in Baton Rouge on Monday.

They had each been choked to death, after being robbed at gunpoint at their country estate and then abducted from there by two individuals who reportedly performed “odd jobs” for them.

The prosperous #Duplantiers were married for nearly half a century and, while known for being outgoing in their community, were also very “security conscious,” according to their friends, neighbors and relatives.

It’s therefore not clear yet how the deadly home invasion was perpetrated -- officers responding to a missing persons report filed on Sunday found the couple’s front door wide open, their safe emptied, and their red truck gone.

Investigators said that Onstar GPS services were then used to track the parked vehicle’s location and that both Suzanne Duplantier and her husband Denis were found inside it, bound and strangled.

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