Convicted NH Prep School Rapist Loses Bid to Bypass Sex Offender Registry (mug shot)

Oct 26, 2015

Convicted NH preppie Owen Labrie (shown below) didn’t want to have to add his name to the nation’s sex offender registry, like every other common rapist has to do. 

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Following the 19-year-old’s guilty sentence this summer on multiple counts of sexually molesting a minor at his elite preparatory school in Concord, he appealed the ‘luring’ by computer charge.

That one constituted a felony and therefore required him to be forever flagged as a risk to public safety on state and federal Registered Sex Offender lists which virtually anyone anywhere can access.

Labrie’s lawyers contended that both the computer conviction and RSO penalty was unjust because the law was intended for “older” offenders, not an upperclassman using technology to entice and rape an under-aged classmate.

The appellate didn’t agree though, pointing out in upholding Labrie’s felony-luring charge that he was legally an adult at the time of his “Senior Salute” assault of a 15-year-old child.

The court was likewise unsympathetic to his desire to remain an anonymous sexual predator once he completes his sentence, and reiterated there would be no exception made in the requirement that he register as such “for life.”

Prosecutors successfully defended the felony conviction, and argued that the added RSO punishment fit the crime Owen Labrie perpetrated last year against a freshman girl at prestigious Saint Paul’s School in Concord, NH:

“He used the Internet to exploit [victim's] youth and innocence in an attempt to lure her into sexual activities,” they firmly restated.

Labrie’s next legal strategy will be to obtain a probationary sentence -- as opposed to a possible 11 years in prison -- which will ideally be served in the form of a house arrest at his parent’s Vermont estate.

The prosecution, however, has already advised the court on at least one occasion that the affluent defendant is a “flight risk.”

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