Father Fed Slain Son to the Pigs - Kansas City

Nov 30, 2015

A Kansas City father suspected of beating his 7-year-old to death and feeding the boy’s corpse to his pigs is being held on $10-million bond while police continue to investigate. 

Michael Jones, 44, was charged last week with battery, assault with a deadly weapon and child abuse, but a search of his property may yield even more criminal counts after the discovery there of body parts.

Officers stumbled on the sickening crime scene while responding to calls concerning a domestic violence incident in which Jones -- a bail bondsman himself -- was brandishing a firearm and firing shots at his wife.

Cops found two women and eight young girls living in “deplorable” conditions at the suspect’s upscale residence and placed the children into protective custody with the Kansas Department of Children and Families.

One of the children registered at the filthy home was missing, however, and, per an anonymous caller’s tip, police began searching a pigsty in a backyard barn for the “decomposing” child.

The human remains they uncovered there are being tested, although detectives believe these are likely what’s left of the slain boy.

Former babysitters claim they contacted the DCF about the situation at Michael Jones’s house more than once this year. It’s not clear if the agency ever attempted to intervene.

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