Online hookup was a sex trap for Cleveland girl (mug shot)

Dec 3, 2015

PHOTO: A 15-year-old Cleveland runaway was held captive for a month at the home of a Missouri sex offender she hooked up with this autumn via an online chat site. 

SEX OFFENDER: Online hookup was a sex trap for Cleveland girl (mug shot)

Offering the “unhappy” teenage girl refuge, Christopher Schroeder lured her to his Marthasville home, prosecutors outlined in their criminal complaint this week.

Once she arrived there, he destroyed her cell phone so she couldn’t be tracked or call for help, and then repeatedly defiled her.

The FBI busted the 41-year-old man this week, charging him with transporting a minor over state lines for the purposes of having sex with the victim, and for manufacturing and distributing child pornography.

Schroeder’s unwitting young sex slave told her rescuers she “was afraid” to try and escape her month-long confinement in Missouri because the suspect had guns stashed throughout his residence.

According to those federal agents, he also instructed the girl to change her name and hair color, as well as to “lose weight” for him.





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