Spokane Cop Raped His Fellow Officer When She was Unconscious - Washington

Dec 5, 2015

Washington officials say a Spokane cop who raped his fellow officer when she was unconscious will finally be prosecuted for sex assault. 

An arrest warrant was issued for police sergeant Gordon Ennis this week and, on Wednesday, he turned himself in without incident.

He and the female officer he is accused of victimizing were each at a fellow officer’s house party in October, when she became sickened from alcohol and attempted to “sleep it off” in a guestroom.

Hours later, when the unidentified woman awoke again, Sergeant Ennis was sexually molesting her and she realized he had been doing so while she was passed out.

A spokesman for the Spokane Police Department indicated that the delay in arresting Ennis for raping a female officer with his hand is due to the fact that other officers refused to cooperate with the investigation.

He now faces second-degree rape charges and likely termination if convicted.

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