If you take away our guns what are we going to shoot the terrorists with?

Dec 5, 2015

The New York Times has published a front-page editorial today blaming America’s active-shooter problem on, well, firearms of course. 

Historians say it’s the first such *call to action* NYT has dared print in nearly a century, and the kneejerk plea it contains -- for gun control legislation -- is clearly in response to weeks of seemingly nonstop public shootings.

Undeniably, 2015 has brought upon us an unprecedented wave of gun violence. One of the worst yet occurring this week in San Bernardino California where two *married* psychopaths turned a holiday party into a bloodbath.

And all in the name of Allah and ISIS.

Diseased minds, not guns, are obviously behind each and every one of these attacks though, regardless of the shooter or shooters’ stated “motive."

Often too, these gunmen’s precarious mental states are further impacted by violent movies and videogames. Both of which shamelessly and irresponsibly present mass murder as solid ‘entertainment.’

“No right is unlimited and immune from reasonable regulation,” the authors of the New York Times yellow-dog editorial contend; foolishly positing that, if the U.S. government restricts firearm and ammunition sales to us law abiding citizens, there’ll be no more killing.

What next then … plumbing pipes, steak knives, crock pots, hammers and rope?



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