World War Zimmerman (the saga continues)

Dec 6, 2015

George Zimmerman continues to wage war on the universe, but not through Twitter anymore… 

World War Zimmerman (the saga continues)

Since being acquitted for the coldblooded killing of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman’s perpetually had run-ins with the law but still remains at large and, largely, a menace.

This time, however, there’s been an immediate consequence to the Florida man’s antisocial behavior; at least as it pertains to social media:

Twitter suspended his account this month for tweeting pornographic images and obscenities.

Seems George Zimmerman was trying to stalk and intimidate yet another woman who showed him the door, and hoping to incite his *followers* to assist him in that nefarious ambition.

According to the Twitter police, he knowingly “went too far” in his online harassment campaign when he posted partially nude photos of the victim, plus her phone number.

Zimmerman also included in his offensive tweets some slanderous insults, aimed at both his unfortunate ex girlfriend and the Moslem community as well.

Florida, where he resides, recently passed laws concerning such revenge porn, so it’s possible he’ll be facing criminal penalties too.




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