Leniency Shown Killer of Boy Scout Leader He Says Raped Him as a Kid - NJ

Dec 12, 2015

A New Jersey court has leniently sentenced a 50-year-old man who stabbed to death the former Boy Scout leader he accused of raping him when he was a child. 

Clark Fredericks received only five years for the premeditated killing of 68-year-old suspected sex offender Dennis Pegg in 2012.

The defendant confessed he was high on coke and intoxicated when he took a Scouts’ hunting knife that his ex troop leader had given him decades ago and stabbed Pegg with it at least 30 times.

The vicious crime Fredericks and an accomplice committed was purportedly inspired after he spent weeks watching coach Jerry Sandusky’s pedophile scandal at Penn State unfold.

The victim’s family admitted there was evidence that Dennis Pegg had assaulted little boys, but that Clark Fredericks was nevertheless wrong to act as his “self-appointed judge, jury and executioner."

The trial court, however, appears to have disagreed with them: “What happened to him as a child made him snap,” the judge declared this week, in justifying the unusually light sentence he was awarding.




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