Cops: Husband of Slain Doctor Teresa Sievers Hired Hitmen Buddies (kids likewise in danger)

Dec 14, 2015

Florida prosecutors claim the bludgeoning death of Dr. Teresa Sievers last summer was “orchestrated” by her husband for financial gain, and now her children are likewise in danger. 

Cops: Husband of Slain Doctor Teresa Sievers Hired Hitman Buddy (kids likewise in danger)

The famed holistic physician and mother-of-two was found brutally slain in the couple’s Bonita Springs residence on June 29, 2015, after she returned there alone from a family vacation.

A pair of Missouri felons are in custody for the gruesome home invasion, at least one of whom is a close childhood friend of Mark Sievers, the victim’s longtime spouse.

According to homicide detectives, Mr. Sievers was motivated by greed in cruelly plotting his wife’s demise via “the most complicated, intricate set of circumstances that most of us have ever seen.”

They further assert that he made sure in advance that security systems were disabled at the Sievers’ Florida home so his two hired killers could enter the premises undetected.

Those accused hitmen -- Curtis Wayne Wright, 47, and Jimmy Rodgers, 25 -- then lay in wait for the petite 46-year-old doctor to enter; bashing her in the head “17 times” with a claw hammer and “mutilating” her corpse.

Mark Sievers hasn’t been charged yet in the alleged conspiracy to have his wife killed in hopes of collecting millions from her life insurance policies, and the investigation into Teresa Sievers’ horrific death is still ongoing.

However, based on new evidence implicating him as the criminal mastermind, Florida’s Department of Children and Families is seeking to obtain protective custody of the couple’s “endangered children.”



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