Stabbed French Schoolteacher Lied About ISIS Attacker - Paris

Dec 15, 2015

Paris prosecutors aren’t saying yet why a French schoolteacher, claiming to be stabbed in the throat by a radical Moslem yesterday, “made up the attack.” 

The unidentified middle-aged male was hospitalized for “non life-threatening” wounds, however.

The weird incident allegedly took place inside an empty kindergarten classroom at a preschool located in the Parisian suburb of Aubervilliers, where he teaches.

According to Le Parisien, the false report of a terrorist knifing there included a detailed description of the suspect wearing a balaclava and shouting that he was working “for Daesh.”

Daesh is derogatory slang for ISIS, which no authentic Islamic State operative would therefore use.

Suspiciously, the alleged Islamic attacker didn’t bring his own weapon either, but, rather, used a sharp object he found when entering the building.

Sources confirming that the Frenchman “invented” his masked assailant on Monday are suggesting the odd event may have been prompted by an employment dispute.

It’s suspected as well that the disgruntled teacher’s injuries were self inflicted.

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