Millionaire Saudi Who Claimed He Accidentally Raped Sleeping Woman Acquitted - UK

Dec 17, 2015

Saudi rape suspect Ehsan Abdulaziz escaped prosecution after cooking up a cockamamie claim that he “accidentally penetrated” the teen victim last August when he “tripped” over her. 

“I'm fragile and I fell down,” the wealthy 46-year-old real estate developer was allowed to privately tell British jurors this month.

“But nothing ever happened between me and this girl. Nothing ever happened.”

The multimillionaire Saudi also alleged that -- when *loosing balance* and falling onto his sofa where the young accuser was sleeping -- he must've smeared his semen on her because the substance was already on his hands.

As preposterous as Abdulaziz’s rape defense sounds to the rest of the world, the jury acquitted him after only a half-hour of deliberating…

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