Paul Kochu is Missing

Mar 14, 2015 - 0 Comments

Paul Kochu is missing and his family is hoping the public will help bring their 22-year-old loved one home today.  

The Pennsylvania resident curiously disappeared during a dramatic night out with his two roommates in which he sustained injuries to one hand and, possibly, head trauma.

Kochu has not been seen or heard from since that December evening.

Paul Kochu missing from PA

Search parties, police, and sonar were involved in the investigation of the missing man’s puzzling disappearance, but so far not a shred of evidence has been uncovered.

The young man appears to have simply vanished in thin air.

“We are just trying to get through each day,” his worried father Jack Kochu says. “Each day it keeps getting harder, especially since the weather is getting nicer. Paul always loved to be outside in this weather.”

His still missing son is a nurse at Pittsburgh’s Allegany General Hospital and would never fail to show up for shifts there if something wasn’t preventing it.

“Paul is the most caring and compassionate man I’ve ever known,” his father wants people to know. “He has looked forward to being a nurse for the past eight years and nothing could be more thrilling for him than to go to work every day.”

Yet dedicated and responsible Paul Kochu is missing from his work, from his home, and from his family for three full months in a row now. So the Kochus are offering a $20,000 reward for information that will help solve his troubling missing person case.

Paul is approximately six-feet- tall and 180 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. Anyone who knows what happened to him or his current whereabouts is urged to contact the Pittsburgh Police Department at 412-323-7141.


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