Police Release Severed Legs Theory and ID

Jul 29, 2015

The pair of severed legs found near the railroad tracks of a New Haven Connecticut train station on July 15th have finally been identified, police announced this week. 

The badly decomposed limbs belong to an African American homeless man with a history of disruptive behavior and petty crime.

DNA tests confirmed that 54-year-old Ray Roberson was the victim of a yet-unknown dismemberer, and was last seen alive on May 20, 2015 in the downtown area.

His two amputated extremities, together with other body parts which still await identification, were found hidden in dense foliage adjacent to the train tracks by a startled passerby.

The case is being investigated as a homicide, said Connecticut officials, who are suggesting that all of the dismembered remains may well be just one man’s, and the crime itself a vendetta.

“This seems to be something quite personal,” a police spokesman told reporters on Monday, although what the deadly confrontation could have been about, and where it took place, is still a mystery.

Court records indicate Roberson was a repeat-offender who had racked up a number of convictions for mostly minor crimes such as disorderly conduct; albeit there was at least one felony count for violating an order of protection.

Needless to say, the mutilated victim missed his last scheduled court appearance, where he was to face charges for disturbing the peace again.

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