Putin Killed Nemtsov Kremlin Critics Claim

Mar 8, 2015 - 0 Comments

Ex KGB-man Putin killed Nemtsov, critics of the Kremlin are claiming, adding that the president’s hunt for fictitious suspects is no small farce.

So far five have been arrested for the bold assassination of Putin’s biggest rival, Boris Nemtsov. But the fact that the former deputy prime minister was gunned down in a high-security zone just a stone’s throw from the nation’s capitol has most Russians skeptically raising their brows.

Moreover, the shooting occurred only a few hours after Nemtsov called out Putin on live radio for his "mad, aggressive" policies in the Ukraine.

Did Putin Kil Nemtsov

But Russia's top investigative body insists there is absolutely no substance to accusations that Putin killed Nemtsov, and are pursuing several other types of murder motives instead, including that he was slain “in an attempt to smear Putin's image.”

It also claims to be delving into Nemtsov's personal relationships now as well, although there it’s likely to find the only truly dangerous person the victim frequently rubbed elbows with was gun-crazed Vladimir Putin himself.

Who, by the way, has coolly characterized the public killing of his most outspoken opponent as a mere “provocation.”



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