Road Rage Gunman Confesses to Shooting Death of Toddler in NM

Oct 22, 2015

The road rage gunman who shot to death toddler Lilly Garcia in a road rage incident on Tuesday afternoon in Albuquerque New Mexico has confessed. 

Police apprehended 32-year-old Tony Torrez yesterday on an “anonymous tip” and he subsequently admitted to firing shots into a vehicle traveling west on Interstate 40 during rush hour.

A 4-year-old passenger suffered a head wound in that hail of bullets and died minutes later at the side of the freeway. No other family members were harmed.

Torrez and the victim’s father were reportedly involved in a high-speed dispute that turned deadly when one driver angrily cut the other driver off.

Such fatal drive-by shootings on U.S. roads are becoming more frequent in recent years, warn law enforcement experts.

The latest road rage gunman is being held on a $650,000 cash bond and faces multiple felony charges related to battery, murder, assault with a deadly weapon while operating a motor vehicle, evidence tampering, and child abuse resulting in death.



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