Sister-Lover of Argentine Cannibal Sex Killer Cleared of Parricide Charges (photo)

Oct 23, 2015

The young woman below was accused of acting as an accomplice to her stepbrother/lover in the cannibal sex double-slaying of their parents, but has been freed from an Argentine prison this week. 

Sister-Lover of Argentine Cannibal Sex Killer Cleared of Parricide Charges (photo)

Lawyers for 22-year-old Karen Klein successfully argued that their client only assisted Leandro Yamil Acosta, 25, with *cleaning* up and concealing his sadistic crime because she feared he would kill her too if she didn’t.

Acosta shot both his stepfather and biological mother to death last summer, fornicated with their corpses, chopped them both up, and then ate some of the body parts, feeding scraps as well to the family dogs.

Investigators said that dismembered and partially cooked remains of Miryam Kowalczuk, 52, and Ricardo Klein, 54, were also found at the couple’s Buenos Aires property in pots, cans, and “bonfire” pits.

Leandro Acosta’s stepsister allegedly told her defense team that her half-brother claimed “orgasmic relief” after committing the depraved double homicide, and had “no regrets” whatsoever about any aspect of his offense.

She has intermittently denied being Acosta’s lover, though, and insisted instead that she was terrified of him. “I did not kill. I have a clear conscience,” she said at this week’s hearing.

A court found most of Karen Kleins’s testimony credible and, in ordering her released, further noted a lack of evidence to find the defendant complicit in the murder, sex assault and cannibalism of their parents by her step sibling.

He is pleading a child-abuse defense.




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