Troubled Teen Committed Suicide by Cobra - Texas

Nov 14, 2015

Travis County officials have finally concluded that Grant Thompson was suffering from “suicidal ideations” when the 18-year-old let his pet viper bite him multiple times. 

The troubled teen was found dead in his parked car this past summer, along with several poisonous creatures, including tarantulas.

Initially, police believed the monocle cobra that bit Thompson “several times” on both arms, had somehow escaped its travel enclosure and fatally attacked him.

A massive search for the missing reptile ensued, but it too was found dead days later when a motorist came upon the snake’s crushed carcass in the middle of a highway.

Medical examiners, however, thought the excessive number of puncture wounds on the teen’s corpse was suspicious, since only one viper was involved in the incident.

They later determined these were “intentional injection sites” and also noted that, in addition to lethal levels of venom in the victim’s bloodstream, there were also traces of prescription drugs and pot.

It’s estimated that it took Grant Thompson about 30 minutes to commit suicide by cobra, during which time he was gradually paralyzed, resulting in respiratory failure and heart stoppage.

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