Two Drunk Secret Service Agents Enter a Bar and…

Mar 14, 2015 - 0 Comments

Two drunk secret service agents enter a bar and one turns to the other and says, “Hey, let’s get even drunker and ram a White House security gate. Alright?"  

And the other agent downs his beer and says, “Okay -- done!”

That’s essentially what happened earlier this month, according to federal investigators, but considering the backlash over their idiotic crime, the now-permanently hungover pair of pranksters don’t think their bar joke is all that funny anymore.

Evidently, the night their ill-conceived escapade was spontaneously executed on White House grounds -- in the middle of a bomb threat -- they had just been partying with a bunch of other colleagues who, like themselves, were celebrating nearing retirements.

That likely means the decision from on high that this tipsy twosome’s secret services will “no longer be required” is probably not a real career-shattering letdown for them anyway.

However, losing pensions or serving jail time would be, as the gate-breakers potentially face some serious charges stemming from their intentional disruption of federal business and a calculated breach in national security.

For that reason there’s been no comment from the two drunk secret service agents themselves. But, from routine lapses in good judgment to outright abuses of authority, their scandal is just one of several plaguing the Agency in recent years.



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