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Cosby Court Confessions Must be Unsealed Says AP
Jun 27, 2015,

Cosby court confessions made and sealed a decade ago when he was sued by one of his alleged rape victims must now be released, argue lawyers for Associated Press, even if these contain “embarrassing” revelations. 

#BREAKING: Escaped Con Richard Matt has been Shot Dead in NY
Jun 26, 2015,

Reportedly escaped con Richard Matt has been shot dead in NY today near the border town of Malone trying to carjack a motorist and then fleeing from authorities on foot. 

Should Con Who Tortured and Buried Disabled Boy Alive be Paroled?
Jun 26, 2015,

California’s top man is pondering today whether a con who buried a disabled boy alive after forcing the victim to dig his own grave while beating, stabbing and choking him, deserves parole now. 

Wrath of an Ungrateful Child: Son Who Killed and Froze His Parents Arrested (Oregon)
Jun 26, 2015,

A prime example of how deadly the wrath of an ungrateful child can be is currently unfolding in Oregon at this hour as police interrogate a son who killed and froze his parents

Cadaver Dog Resurrects the Kristen Modafferi Cold Case in CA
Jun 26, 2015,

The baffling Kristen Modafferi cold case has finally seen a break after a cadaver dog detected human remains in the California home where she last lived before vanishing without a trace almost two decades ago. 

K9 Mason Dies from Heat Exhaustion (Alabama)
Jun 25, 2015,

Alabama K9 Mason died last Friday at the age of three when his distracted handler left him in an overheating patrol vehicle for hours on end. 

The Watcher of Westfield (female profile)
Jun 25, 2015,

The self-named Watcher of Westfield has turned a New Jersey family’s recently-purchased dream home into a royal nightmare, with a series of creepy letters that contain thinly veiled threats.