#ALERT: Manhunt for Clovis Shooter Underway (photo)
May 25, 2015,

A massive manhunt for a Clovis shooter who gunned down his longtime lover in plain view of their four kids is underway, and police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating the suspect. 

Another Poser Shoots Self in Selfie
May 25, 2015,

A woman shooting a selfie with a handgun she’d just found in her office workspace shot herself instead. 

Nine Brains No Prob
May 24, 2015,

Nine brains found beside railroad tracks in a rural upstate New York county touched off fears in the local populace that a serial killer might be lurking near their village. 

Fugitive Killer of Caged Woman Shot Dead By L.E.
May 24, 2015,

A fugitive killer, sought for murdering a woman who escaped a cage in his home over a month ago, was shot dead yesterday during an attempt to take him into custody. 

Mother Swinging a Dead Baby Under Observation Now
May 24, 2015,

Maryland police found a mother swinging a dead baby at a public playground Friday and are now investigating the possibility that foul play was involved in the child’s death. 

Found Drowned: Missing Murdered Kayaker Vincent Viafore
May 24, 2015,

NY police say missing murdered kayaker Vincent Viafore has been found drowned this weekend, well over a month after he disappeared in a suspicious boating mishap with his fiancée Angelika Graswald. 

Crime Is Spiking in Baltimore as Arrests Plummet
May 23, 2015,

Predictably, crime is spiking in Baltimore, in what some critics say is an intentional law enforcement “slowdown” by officers bitter about the Freddie Gray prosecutions of six of their finest.