FBI Investigating Clinton Correctional Corruption After Epic Jailbreak
Jun 30, 2015,

After an epic jailbreak, the FBI has launched a corruption probe of upstate New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility.  

No Remorse in Freezer Mom for Killing and Chilling Her Kids.
Jun 29, 2015,

Detroit’s infamous Freezer Mom told a judge today she was indeed guilty of murdering a son and daughter, but felt no remorse whatsoever about the chilling crimes because the kids were “demons.” 

Teen Filmed Beating a Girl Cradling a Baby ARRESTED
Jun 29, 2015,

A Dallas County teen filmed beating a girl cradling a baby has been arrested today, after the video of her offensive crime went viral during the week. 

Google Cheats are Gaming Search Results to favor ... Google (of course)
Jun 29, 2015,

New research reveals Google cheats are gaming search results to favor its own online content over all others. 

Reem Island Ghost Sentenced to Die for Jihadist Crimes in UAE
Jun 29, 2015,

A jihadist madwoman dubbed the Reem Island Ghost has been sentenced to die in Abu Dhabi today for the bloody mayhem she perpetrated in December 2014. 

Porky Pig Apprehended After Prank Call.
Jun 29, 2015,

A 500-pound porky pig apprehended after a prank caller falsely reported it was munching on human remains has been relocated to an animal rehabilitation center.