#StopYulin2015 - Yulin Dog Meat Festival Begins (warning: very graphic images)
Jun 21, 2015,

Over 90-percent of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival captives slated for slaughter in China’s Guangxi region right now were stolen from their owners, solely because the annual event has become so profitable. 

Slenderman Slasher Girl Will Stab Others if He Asks Her To.
Jun 20, 2015,

One of two Slenderman slasher girls, who attempted to stab their classmate to death in order to gratify the fictional online character, gushingly told psychiatrists she’d harm someone again if *he* asks her to. 

Escaped Cons: Scruffy and in Pennsylvania (perhaps)
Jun 20, 2015,

If a pair of escaped cons from upstate New York’s Clinton Correctional facility are hiding in densely wooded areas, then they’d be looking pretty scruffy by now, say officials still madly searching for the “dangerous” twosome. 

Confiscated Ivory Smashed to Smithereens in NYC
Jun 20, 2015,

Over a ton of confiscated ivory was ceremonially smashed to smithereens in Times Square yesterday to demonstrate a zero-tolerance for elephant poaching and the illicit ivory trade. 

Google Bans Revenge Porn.
Jun 19, 2015,

If Google bans revenge porn in its search results by next month, the malicious images will probably still exist somewhere, they’ll just be a lot harder to find. 

Teen Who Stomped a Baby to Death For Crying Charged with Murder
Jun 19, 2015,

A teen who stomped a baby to death for crying while he was babysitting her this month will be tried for murder now. 

Convenient Confusion Over Kennewick Man Resolved (at last)
Jun 19, 2015,

Confusion over who the Kennewick Man is “most likely” related to has finally been resolved this month, after DNA testing finally proved the obvious: He’s a Native American.