NAACP Red Faced About Dolezal Being White.
Jun 15, 2015,

The NAACP Spokane chapter seeks quiet “closure” of the controversy over their outed Caucasian leader, rather than be faced with the embarrassing prospect of appearing to have fired her for the color of her skin -- or lack thereof. 

Trial Begins in Stripper Dismemberment Case
Jun 15, 2015,

Expect a rocky start in the stripper dismemberment trial of Terry Speaks today in Louisiana. 

Lions and Tigers and Hippopotami (the Georgia flood)
Jun 14, 2015,

Lions and tigers and hippopotami have escaped from a zoo in the flood-ravaged city of Tbilisi Georgia, and police are desperately trying to round up the disoriented creatures amid the chaos there. 

Dead Dallas Gunman was Mad as Hell.
Jun 14, 2015,

The dead Dallas gunman solely responsible for yesterday’s intense assault on police headquarters and who later died in an armed standoff was mad as hell, his father says. 

Jun 14, 2015,

Folks were treated to gunfire at the Waldorf Astoria last night during an accidental discharge of a wedding guest’s firearm. 

White NAACP Leader Identifies as Black – Is That a Crime?
Jun 14, 2015,

A white NAACP leader identifies as black and, as such, has devoted her entire life to fighting for the rights of African Americans to prosper in a country that still seeks to oppress them for the color of their skin.