Above and Beyond: Service Dog Figo Throws Self At Moving Bus to Save Blind Owner
Jun 9, 2015,

A devoted service dog named Figo threw himself in front of an oncoming school bus yesterday to save his blind owner from being struck and killed. 

XDR-TB ALERT: Patient With a Super TB Strain Had Contact with 100s says CDC
Jun 9, 2015,

Maryland doctors say the patient with a super TB strain they’re currently treating at the National Institutes of Health may have come into contact with hundreds of people before being diagnosed with the drug resistant form

Strip Mall Serial Killer: Seventh Victim Identified
Jun 9, 2015,

The strip mall serial killer burial site in Connecticut has yielded clues to the identity of yet another female victim, gone without a trace since 2003. 

Bikini Girl Takedown
Jun 8, 2015,

Video of the bikini girl takedown by an agitated officer this weekend has gone viral and resulted in yet another excessive force charge and a cop’s suspension from duties, pending a full investigation. Today YouTube reported over 4 million vie

Have-a-Nice-Day Prison Break an Inside Job Says NYS
Jun 8, 2015,

Upstate NY prison escapees who left a “have a nice day” post-it note for their jilted jailers had help in their sophisticated jailbreak, say investigators. 

Super Rowdy Supermodel Kate Moss Booted Off Plane
Jun 8, 2015,

Supermodel Kate Moss was booted off an EasyJet flight yesterday for allegedly “disruptive” behavior, an airlines spokesman is claiming.