Mother Charged For Gassing Children (read suicide note)
Jun 11, 2015,

Prosecutors say a mother charged for gassing her children to death this month in Connecticut left a detailed suicide note, but failed to kill herself before a friend and police intervened. 

Naked Tourists on a Mountaintop Arrested in Malaysia.
Jun 10, 2015,

Five of the notorious 10 naked tourists on a mountaintop in Malaysia have been arrested, while authorities there continue pursuing the rest of the unruly gang, thought to still be at large in the country. 

Manuscript of Fifty Shades of Grey Sequel Stolen Says Publisher
Jun 10, 2015,

A finished copy of the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel has been stolen just one week before its official release, publisher Penguin Random House reported Monday. 

Why Cops Think William Howell is the Strip Mall Serial Killer (photos)
Jun 10, 2015,

Connecticut investigators believe William Howell is the strip mall serial killer, and continue searching for links to a slew of other unsolved disappearances in and around the community of New Britain. 

Hastert Pleads Not Guilty of Hush Money Fraud
Jun 9, 2015,

Former House speaker Dennis Hastert was finally forced to break his silence and enter a plea in federal charges of banking fraud before a judge today. 

Above and Beyond: Service Dog Figo Throws Self At Moving Bus to Save Blind Owner
Jun 9, 2015,

A devoted service dog named Figo threw himself in front of an oncoming school bus yesterday to save his blind owner from being struck and killed. 

XDR-TB ALERT: Patient With a Super TB Strain Had Contact with 100s says CDC
Jun 9, 2015,

Maryland doctors say the patient with a super TB strain they’re currently treating at the National Institutes of Health may have come into contact with hundreds of people before being diagnosed with the drug resistant form