Have-a-Nice-Day Prison Break an Inside Job Says NYS
Jun 8, 2015,

Upstate NY prison escapees who left a “have a nice day” post-it note for their jilted jailers had help in their sophisticated jailbreak, say investigators. 

Super Rowdy Supermodel Kate Moss Booted Off Plane
Jun 8, 2015,

Supermodel Kate Moss was booted off an EasyJet flight yesterday for allegedly “disruptive” behavior, an airlines spokesman is claiming. 

Couple of Bonnie and Clyde Clones Captured (alive)
Jun 8, 2015,

The latest Bonnie and Clyde clones have been captured alive and, like other misguided juvenile delinquents before them, not only have the police to answer to now, but angry parents as well. 

Freed Thief Back in Jail for Robbing Same Place
Jun 7, 2015,

A forgetful thief just out of prison after serving 15 years in the armed robbery of a local shoe store is now facing 16 more years for holding up the same place. 

Amazon Yanks ISIS Propaganda Rag Dabiq (finally)
Jun 7, 2015,

Amazon has finally stopped selling the ISIS propaganda rag Dabiq on its website, yanking the CreateSpace self-pubbed periodical without notice or ceremony. 

Senior Citizen Spouse Slayer Arrested in CA
Jun 7, 2015,

California police arrested a senior citizen spouse slayer on Friday, after discovering the 89-year-old’s wife dead of suspicious injuries in the elderly couple’s apartment.