Pakistani Activist Sabeen Mahmud Slain
Apr 27, 2015,

Famed Pakistani activist Sabeen Mahmud was gunned down last week while driving her mother and her driver in downtown Karachi.  

Shipwrecked Migrants: Huddled Masses Dying to Be Free
Apr 26, 2015,

A shipwrecked boat from Libya carrying migrants to Italy fatally crashed into a larger Portuguese ship that was responding to a similar distress call.

SO WHAT: Pink Concert Not a Crime
Apr 26, 2015,

A NJ judge says a Pink concert is perfectly OK for young kids to attend and “so what” to an estranged father who petitioned the court to punish the rad mother of his rocking child for abuse of parental discretion. 

Connor Sullivan Hoax: Nuts and Berries (and a false alarm)
Apr 26, 2015,

Police say missing student Connor Sullivan was not actually missing at all, and they’re looking into whether or not he and his family can be charged for the costly search and rescue effort they launched. 

Gun Toting Action Hero Angelina Jolie Wants World Peace
Apr 25, 2015,

Action hero ambassador Angelina Jolie, who’s probably never starred in a movie without being armed to the teeth, is begging the world to stop all the violence, at least long enough to save some Syrian refugees

Serial Freeway Shooter Feared in Colorado
Apr 25, 2015,

Colorado police fear they’ve got a serial freeway shooter on their hands now, after at least four traffic incidents involving gunfire occurred in Weld and Larimer counties. 

Battered Bartender Claims Police Brutality (graphic)
Apr 25, 2015,

A female bartender battered beyond recognition by Bay area police on Saint Patty’s Day is now suing the officers who brutalized her.