Amber Alert Canceled After Baby and Dad Found Dead
Jun 13, 2015,

The Amber Alert for a baby abducted in Iowa by his biological dad ended in tragedy this week when police found a burned out vehicle and the charred remains of the two inside it. 

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is Not a Pimp (says French court)
Jun 12, 2015,

Ex IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is no pimp, a French court has finally decided, adding that the former wannabe-president probably didn’t even “know” he was prancing around with prostitutes. 

TSA Terrorists Hired by the Dozens
Jun 12, 2015,

The U.S. believes who better than TSA terrorists to detect other terrorists attempting to board its planes ... or at least that’s how it looks in the latest airport security scandal. 

Real Life Sweeney Todd Barber Sentenced.
Jun 12, 2015,

A real life Sweeney Todd barber was sentenced yesterday in San Diego to a minimum of 10 years in prison for slitting the throat of a customer he was shaving and then fleeing the gruesome scene on a bicycle. 

Underweight Baby Penelope and Panicked Mommy Jessica McCreery Surface
Jun 11, 2015,

The hunt for underweight Baby Penelope has finally ended when her panicked mom, Jessica McCreery, surfaced in Florida with the 8-month-old infant and agreed to cooperate with authorities. 

Kiddie Lemonade Stand Illegal Says Texas
Jun 11, 2015,

Texas police shuttered a kiddie lemonade stand and ordered the youngsters “illegally” running the roadside operation to pay a hefty price for a license if they want to reopen it. 

Wild Goose Chase for Two Escaped Convicts Sighted EVERYWHERE
Jun 11, 2015,

In the search for two escaped convicts, police are being sent in every direction this week, even back to the upstate New York prison that the deadly duo broke out of … but their dangerous quarry hasn’t been caught yet.