Lance Buckley Missing in Maryland
May 8, 2015,

PhD student Lance Buckley, missing in Maryland since Tuesday, had an appointment at Howard University to pick up his graduation packet. 

He appears to have made it safely to campus, but hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

NSA Snooping Illegal (nothing to see here move along)
May 7, 2015,

A high court denounced NSA snooping on Americans' phone calls as illegal today, overturning a lower court’s decision approving of bulk data collection, and calling the practice instead an unbearabl

QB Tom Brady Likes His Balls Soft
May 7, 2015,

This just in: Tom Brady likes his balls soft, although it would appear by the formal finding that he’s only “generally aware” of his illegal penchant. 

Freedom Via Personhood for Lab Chimps Leo and Hercules (et al)
May 7, 2015,

Lawyers representing two lab chimps “unlawfully detained” for biomedical experiments at Stony Brook University in New York are striving to have them freed under personhood status that gives them th

Taylor Clark Another Craigslist Statistic
May 7, 2015,

The Craigslist “buyer” who slew Taylor Clark this week tried to hide the victim’s body in a wooded area close to the crime scene, then calmly went back to work nearby, police say. 

Hostage Learns a Pizza Hut Pie Can Save Lives
May 6, 2015,

A quick thinking Pizza Hut patron, held hostage at knifepoint by her meth-crazed boyfriend, placed an online order for a classic pizza pie in which she included an SOS message. 

WANTED: Oregon Vandals (photo)
May 6, 2015,

A trio of Oregon vandals caught red-handed and remorseless in the act of defacing public property is being pursued by authorities now, courtesy of the good citizen who snapped a photo of them.