Missing Arizona Realtor May Have Been Harmed (photo)
Jun 25, 2015,

Missing Arizona realtor Sidney Cranston Jr. vanished on June 16th while showing prospective “buyers” a vacant home in Kingman, and relatives now fear he may be the victim of a violent crime. 

Whole Foods Consumer Fraud Investigated by NY
Jun 24, 2015,

Elite grocer Whole Foods consumer fraud violations number into “the thousands,” claims the number one consumer protection agency in New York. 

WH Chef Killed by Flashflood (autopsy)
Jun 24, 2015,

An autopsy of WH chef Walter Scheib determined the 61-year-old “accidentally drowned” while solo hiking in a remote canyon, and that a flashflood was most likely the culprit. 

Man with a Machete Captured after Park Attack in NYC
Jun 24, 2015,

A man with a machete was arrested Tuesday after attempting to hack a 31-year-old woman to death in a park in New York City. 

WikiLeaks Reveal French Leaders Spied on by U.S.
Jun 24, 2015,

The latest WikiLeaks reveal French leaders spied on by U.S. agencies include the nation’s sitting president who has demanded America answer to the reams of proof that it’s been engaging in unlawful espionage.  

Jodi Arias Must Pay Siblings of Travis Alexander Restitution (Phoenix)
Jun 23, 2015,

An Arizona court has determined Jodi Arias must pay Travis Alexander’s five siblings restitution for whatever legal fees they incurred in pursuing justice for their slain brother. 

Serial Groper #Alert (Florida)
Jun 23, 2015,

Officials are hunting a serial groper who’s fond of fondling female students at Florida International University.