WikiLeaks Reveal French Leaders Spied on by U.S.
Jun 24, 2015,

The latest WikiLeaks reveal French leaders spied on by U.S. agencies include the nation’s sitting president who has demanded America answer to the reams of proof that it’s been engaging in unlawful espionage.  

Jodi Arias Must Pay Siblings of Travis Alexander Restitution (Phoenix)
Jun 23, 2015,

An Arizona court has determined Jodi Arias must pay Travis Alexander’s five siblings restitution for whatever legal fees they incurred in pursuing justice for their slain brother. 

Serial Groper #Alert (Florida)
Jun 23, 2015,

Officials are hunting a serial groper who’s fond of fondling female students at Florida International University. 

Darryl Hamilton was Shot Dead by Lover in Murder-Suicide (Houston)
Jun 23, 2015,

Police say former MLB player Darryl Hamilton was shot dead by lover Monica Jordan at the mansion they shared in suburban Houston Texas, who then killed herself with the murder weapon. 

Mom Drove Her Dead Son Around For a Decade (Virginia)
Jun 23, 2015,

Virginia police think a disturbed mom drove her dead son around for a decade while the child was still being reported as missing

#PrisonBreak Update: Have Escaped Cons Separated?
Jun 22, 2015,

Underwear that one of the escaped cons allegedly discarded in a cabin in New York’s sprawling Adirondack mountains has gotten sniffer dogs excited today, claim state and federal officials who are still despera

Dog Groomer Charged with Animal Cruelty in NJ
Jun 22, 2015,

New Jersey officials charged a dog groomer with animal cruelty this week, after they determined the business was responsible for somehow paralyzing a healthy 6-year-old terrier on May 13th.