Missing Alaska Family Died in Murder Suicide.
Jun 4, 2015,

Police say the long missing Alaska family, whose remains were discovered and confirmed in March, died in a murder suicide last year. 

Skull of Missing Cali Woman Found in River.
Jun 3, 2015,

The skull of missing Cali woman Danielle Bertolini which was found this March in a northern California riverbed has been identified this week, Humboldt County police are reporting. 

Deaths of Two Gassed Children Suspicious Police Say.
Jun 3, 2015,

The deaths of two gassed children in their home yesterday afternoon is being treated as suspicious, police in Connecticut say. 

The dead bodies of a 5-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl were discovered in East Haven when a report of gas was being investigated.

FOWL PLAY: Pakistani Pigeon Accused of Spying Arrested in India
Jun 3, 2015,

A Pakistani pigeon that crossed over into India with a note strapped to its tiny leg has Indian authorities aflutter with concerns that it’s a spy

Seemingly Concerned Wife Suspected Of Diabolical Murder Plot
Jun 2, 2015,

A seemingly concerned wife who reported her husband missing this winter has just been arrested because she is suspected of hatching a diabolical murder plot. 

Focus of FIFA Probe Sepp Blatter Resigns
Jun 2, 2015,

Reelected FIFA chief Sepp Blatter is now the focus of a federal corruption probe that’s already seen more than dozen of his elite soccer cabal jailed, and, accordingly, he’s tendered his resignation today. 

Subway Copper Thieves Belong Behind Iron Bars Says NYC
Jun 2, 2015,

Subway copper thieves brought NYC's underground transit system to a screeching halt last week after a midnight heist of over 500-feet of vital railway cable.