One Suspect, 74 Identities (all stolen)
Apr 19, 2015,

LA officials discovered an aged suspect accused of identity theft has operated under at least 74 different aliases throughout her long life – almost one for every year she’s been alive! 

Sadistic Animal Doc Kristen Lindsey Faces Cruelty Charges (photo)
Apr 18, 2015,

A sadistic veterinarian who posted a bragging selfie on Facebook showing the carcass of a healthy stray tom whom she deliberately shot through the head with a bow and arrow is now being investigated for animal cruelty. 

Stupid Smartphone Debate Becomes Drunken Brawl
Apr 18, 2015,

Two totally blotto roommates slugged it out in Tulsa Oklahoma this morning over whose smartphone was superior, leaving them both bruised, bloodied, and behind bars. 

Shayna Hubers Murder Trial Defies Belief
Apr 17, 2015,

The question is not if Shayna Hubers killed Ryan Poston in 2012, but why. 

Fatal Phoenix Family Feud Was Over Finances
Apr 17, 2015,

Arizona officials say a Phoenix family feud and armed standoff late last night began and ended with a dispute over money. 

ALERT: Suspect in Fatal Philly Hit-and-Run Sought (reward offered)
Apr 17, 2015,

A suspect in Monday’s fatal Philly hit-and-run who injured a young woman and killed her toddler son is still at large, and the Philadelphia Police Department is asking for your help in apprehending them. 

Suge Knight Must Stand Trial (sez the judge)
Apr 16, 2015,

A bummed out Suge Knight just learned he will indeed have to go to trial on murder and attempted-murder charges borne of his fatal hit and run incident last January.