Felony Poisoning Charge for Evil Roommate
May 13, 2015,

Another evil roommate faces felony poisoning charges for maliciously tampering with her housemates’ food, this time in the state of Maryland. 

World War Zimmerman
May 12, 2015,

Either George Zimmerman is at war with the world, or the world is warring Zimmerman...  

Four More Serial Killer Victims Found at Connecticut Strip Mall
May 12, 2015,

Corpses of four more serial killer victims were unearthed behind a strip mall in New Britain, Connecticut this spring, bringing the unknown murderer’s body count to seven. 

NY Bans Mistreatment of Foreign Manicurists
May 12, 2015,

A New York Times exposé about exploitation of manicurists in New York State, who are often undocumented workers, led governor Andrew Cuomo to put in place special emergency orders to ensure their fair treatment. 

Baltimore Police Brutality Cases (thousands?)
May 11, 2015,

Baltimore police brutality cases potentially number in the thousands, the department’s internal records indicate -- and that’s just since 2012. 

Raped and Pregnant Paraguayan Girl Sparks Abortion Debate
May 11, 2015,

The case of 10-year-old Paraguayan rape victim who’s five months pregnant has sparked a fierce but rather futile debate on that country’s abortion laws -- the staunchly Roman Catholic nation outlaws abortion unless a pregnant female’s life is endangered by com