Amtrak Attack, Acceleration, Amnesia
May 16, 2015,

Tuesday’s deadly Amtrak derailment may have been caused by a small missile striking the train’s windshield, somehow causing the engineer to dangerously accelerate and his resulting “amnesia” in the crash. 

Bill Cosby Doth Protest Too Much
May 16, 2015,

Over 30 Bill Cosby “rape victims” have now come forward to report sexual assaults dating back decades and which all involved drugging … and yet he would like the public to believe this is just hysteria and coincidence. 

DEATH says Boston Marathon Bombing Jury
May 15, 2015,

Death the long-awaited decision in the Boston Marathon bombings trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Cannes and Monaco jewelers on full robbery alert for Pink Pandas
May 15, 2015,

French police are warning Cannes and Monaco jewelers that a gang of jewel thieves may strike during the upcoming 68th annual Cannes Film Festival

10 Pound Bag of Dope Bagged on Beach
May 15, 2015,

Beachcombers found a 10 pound bag of dope on an Alabama seashore better known for its nesting turtles than marijuana smuggling. 

Craigslist Date Turns Dangerously Criminal
May 15, 2015,

A Craigslist date went seriously wrong for a 22-year-old Michigan woman when the man she thought she was hooking up with via the want-ad website brutally kidnapped her. 

Deadbeat Dad Dodged Child Support by Killing His Toddler (convicted)
May 14, 2015,

A truly heartless deadbeat dad who threw his 4-year-old daughter off a cliff in California just to avoid child support payments got the book thrown at him this week.