Anorexic Models Banned in France
Apr 6, 2015,

An anorexic models ban is now in effect in the fashion capitol of the world, under a new French law that makes it a crime for anyone in the rag business to employ females who appear to be “dangerously thin.” 

Woman Convicted of Feticide for Miscarriage
Apr 5, 2015,

A woman charged with feticide for miscarrying her fetus has been sentenced this week by an Indiana jury to a minimum of 20 years in prison. 

Blood Moon Murder and Dismemberment (arrest)
Apr 5, 2015,

In the glow of a Blood Moon someone dumped a duffle bag filled with human body parts in front of a Massachusetts biotechnologies building, then vamoosed. 

Not a Happy Easter for Family of Anjelica Hadsell
Apr 5, 2015,

While a happy Easter for most, the family of missing student Anjelica Hadsell somberly awaits word of the most recent effort to locate the girl, or at least her bodily remains. 

#WARNING: Secular Blogging is a Dangerous Profession
Apr 4, 2015,

Secular blogging in some parts of the world is proving to be an extremely dangerous occupation now. 

Kenya Attack Proves al-Shabaab Too Weird to Be Believed
Apr 4, 2015,

The attack on defenseless Kenya university students by al-Shabaab thugs this week was so gratuitously gruesome as to permanently suspend belief in their alleged cause. 

Twisted Gamer Shot His Pal and a Selfie
Apr 3, 2015,

A twisted gamer shot his pal and a selfie of the victim, resulting in his arrest this week for homicide and firearm violations.