Reward Offered in Arkansas Dog Massacre (photo)
Dec 27, 2015,

Police and animal protection agencies investigating the Arkansas dog massacre last week are offering a big reward for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer or killers. 

Smog Alerts and Terror Warnings for XMAS
Dec 24, 2015,

Several millions of Chinese citizens -- and now some of their foreign guests -- are doubly on alert this holiday season… 

Peeping Tom Hid Video Camera in Giant Gap Shopping Bag - Pennsylvania
Dec 24, 2015,

A peeping tom who used a big ‘Gap’ shopping bag to peer up women’s skirts at a crowded Pennsylvania mall earlier this month has been arrested. 

Craigslist Hookup Proved Fatal for Lonely Widower - Oklahoma
Dec 24, 2015,

Prosecutors have charged a 44-year-old Craigslist predator in the shooting death of an Oklahoma widower she was hoping to inherit a fortune from. 

Probe of Canine Massacre Launched in Little Rock - Arkansas
Dec 23, 2015,

Arkansas officials want to know who poisoned and shot to death dozens of dogs in a densely wooded area north of Little Rock. 

Crash Dieter Jailed for Mac Attack in Perth - Scotland
Dec 23, 2015,

Crash dieter Lee Barton went ballistic on his live-in girlfriend last February when she thoughtlessly offered him a McDonald's McMuffin. 

Grim pileup at San Bernardino county morgue (thousands of unclaimed corpses)
Dec 23, 2015,

ALERT: San Bernardino officials need the public to be vigilant this holiday season, in case any next of kin are notably missing from family gatherings.