Crime Magazine Canine of the Year Award (2015)
Dec 31, 2015,

PHOTOS: Crime Magazine’s canine of the year award goes to seeing-eye service dog, Figo, for throwing himself in front of a speeding bus to save his blind owner from being killed. 

Deported Affluenza Mom Charged with Felony Hindering - USA
Dec 31, 2015,

The mother of teenage affluenza *sufferer* Ethan Couch has been arrested in Los Angeles on felony charges related to hindering apprehension of her fugitive son. 

Distributed Denial of Service Cyber Attack Blackens BBC - London
Dec 31, 2015,

Anonymous sources for the BBC news say the London-based broadcast company went offline today because of a massive denial-of-service cyber attack. 

BREAKING: Bill Cosby to be Arrested on Rape Charges in Philly - PA
Dec 30, 2015,

BREAKING NEWS: Pennsylvania authorities have just announced that Bill Cosby will be arraigned today on “felony charges” of statutory rape. 

Rescuers Probe Kaw Lake for Craig Strickland (Search Update)
Dec 30, 2015,

Backroad Anthem’s lead singer, Craig Strickland, still remains missing in Oklahoma, days after his dog ‘Sam’ was found guarding the body of hunting companion Chase Morland. 

Hunters Find Body of Long Missing Man Jamie Robertson in Upton Mass.
Dec 30, 2015,

Hunters were asked this winter to search for the body of long missing man Jamie Robertson (below), and over the weekend they finally found it.