3 Doors Down Bassist Todd Harrell Sentenced for Manslaughter in Tenn.
Dec 22, 2015,

Drug and alcohol abuse had already derailed the life of 3 Doors Down guitarist, Robert ‘Todd’ Harrell, when he fatally struck another motorist two years ago while driving under the influence. 

How many serial pet killers are out there? (another one busted yesterday)
Dec 21, 2015,

PHOTO: Another serial pet killer has been busted -- this one in Massachusetts -- after police searched a hit-and-run suspect’s home and found scores of dying animals and rotting carcasses there

Why you have class today and 12,000 New Hampshire students do not:
Dec 21, 2015,

Today’s classes for nearly 12,000 New Hampshire students have been canceled, just days before they’re scheduled to take off for Christmas. 

FDA Probes Fraud Claims Against Blood-Test Maker Theranos Corp.
Dec 21, 2015,

Former employees of blood-test maker Theranos alerted the FDA, Medicaid, and Medicare agencies this year that the company has been falsifying product-testing results. 

Hibernating Bear Tries to Kill Trespassing Scout Leader - NJ
Dec 21, 2015,

A pesky Boy Scout leader in New Jersey has learned the hard way not to bug the bears -- especially if they’re trying to hibernate. 

Pricey Bling Stolen from NY Knicks Derrick Williams During Loft Party - NYC
Dec 21, 2015,

Bling worth over half a million dollars was reportedly stolen from Knicks player Derrick Williams by two glamorous females he foolishly invited to his NYC loft over the weekend. 

Serial Cat Killer Charged in San Jose (mug shot)
Dec 20, 2015,

San Jose resident Robert Farmer (below) has been charged for a snatch-and-kill spree that’s left at least four pet cats slain, two horrifically injured, and three more still missing and feared dead.