Confession Motive in Kayak Killing.

May 14, 2015

Accused killer Angelika Graswald not only provided police with a credible motive for the Hudson River kayak killing of her wealthy fiancé last month, but a confession, they claim. 

That last detail took her counsel by surprise during the 35-year-old Latvian national’s bail hearing this week, because he thought he'd only be grappling with typically circumstantial evidence against his jailed client.

Acclaimed defense attorney Richard Portale told reporters an admission of guilt is “a really big difference” from the mere “inconsistencies” in Graswald’s statements that detectives say led to her arrest less than two weeks after Vincent Viafore drowned in a curious boating mishap.

Angelika Graswald / Vincent Viafore

The 46-year-old is still missing and the search for his body has officially ended, but before Viafore’s death he apparently took out a couple of life insurance policies in his fiancée’s name worth about $250,000.

That would have been a nice chunk of change in the *unlikely* event that the otherwise healthy and athletic middle-aged man unexpectedly died. Especially since Angelika Graswald was experiencing some financial difficulties and he was already supporting her.

In fact, at Wednesday’s bond hearing, prosecutors asserted that the kayak killing suspect had even “talked about what she could do with the money,” a troubling assertion that her clearly baffled lawyer countered was most likely the fault of “a language barrier.”

Graswald fluently speaks both Russian and Latvian, and, judging from her poignant social media posts following her beau’s strange disappearance in April, doesn’t appear to struggle with English either.


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