Crimea is Powerless (literally)

Nov 22, 2015

Saboteurs have turned the lights out on Crimea this weekend… 

A pair of transmission towers in Kherson Ukraine was blown to bits late Friday, and the remaining two others subsequently destroyed just after midnight on Saturday.

Come this morning, none of the four damaged structures have been fully restored yet, leaving up to 2-million civilians on the Crimean Peninsula without electric service.

The region is part of a disputed territory that’s been in nonstop turmoil after Russia illegally annexed it last year in a soviet-style land grab that violated the 1994 Budapest Memorandum granting Ukraine’s sovereign independence.

Anti-Putin rebels reportedly attempted to prevent government crews from accessing the site where the utility pylons were bombed this weekend, but they were eventually disbanded by armed police.

Indeed, Russian forces based on land and sea there are the only ones today who appear to have electricity -- they have declared a "state of emergency."

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