#EXPLAINER: This Is What Happens to Dogs Whose Snouts Are Taped Shut (graphic)

Nov 30, 2015

The graphic photograph below explains why taping a dog’s snout is not only cruel, but dangerous to its health. 

Abused dog with taped muzzle faces permanent disfigurement

This week yet another animal abuser proudly posted on a social media account photos of her pooch with a duct taped mouth, because the chocolate Lab wouldn’t “shut up.”

The offensive deed instantly riled animal lovers everywhere and got Katharine Lamansky in trouble with the law, too, after the images she uploaded quickly went viral and viewers began calling for her arrest.

Today the 45-year-old Connecticut woman is under investigation for animal cruelty, despite later claiming that her dog’s muzzle was only bound shut “for a minute” until he got the “point” and stopped barking.

'Kate Brown' investigated for taping her dog's snout shut and uploading a pic of the crime to Facebook

Sadly though, the punishment for torturing animals or even killing them is still not severe enough, regardless that it’s now known that many who commit such crimes go on to target humans as well.

For example, the man apprehended for permanently damaging Caitlyn the dog (top pic) by leaving her snout taped for days was promptly released on only $5000 bond -- in spite of the fact that he was already free on bail for a previous, unrelated act of violence.




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